Alliance for Transportation Electrification (ATE) announces three new Board Members

By ATE News

(Seattle, WA) Big changes are afoot at the Alliance for Transportation Electrification as utilities continue
to plan and build out charging infrastructure along with the private market of EV service providers, state
and local governments, and many organizations. Moreover, the state Departments of Transportation
are busy meeting the deadlines to submit each state’s EV charging station plans by August 1 for review
and approval by the federal government expected in late September, in response to the pathbreaking
and bipartisan Infrastructure and Investment Jobs Act and the leadership of the Biden Administration
through its new Joint Office between USDOT and USDOE. These investments should help fill in the gaps
in interstate and state highway corridor charging in the 50 states, and supplement community charging
in cities and towns

At its recent Board meeting in Charlotte, NC, the Alliance welcomed three new Directors to its Board:

  • Louis Tremblay, President and CEO of FLO, a leading EV charging network operator (Quebec City,
    Quebec, Canada)
  • Hank Adams, Vice President of Corporate Development, Southern Company (Atlanta GA)
  • Lon Huber, Senior Vice President, Pricing and Customer Solutions, Duke Energy (Charlotte NC)

Bentina Terry, recently promoted to Senior Vice President, Customer Strategy and Solutions of Georgia
Power Company, will also join to complement the leadership of Chris Cummiskey of the Southern
Company, sharing that company’s board seat and vote.

“We are delighted to have these new representatives to join the Board of Directors at this pivotal time
in EV adoption and the acceleration of charging infrastructure, stated Mark Fronmuller, Chairman of the
Board of Directors, and Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Innovation of Ameren. “This is no
longer a chicken and egg situation. The auto and truck OEMs are spending billions to design, develop,
and produce these electric vehicles across all types and sizes. Utilities, EV service providers, and related
IT vendors need to collaborate quickly to meet our infrastructure gaps and provide a reliable, seamless
charging experience to EV owners. These three individuals will bring a wealth of knowledge and passion
to the Board that will help propel the industry forward.”

“These are fast-moving and dynamic times in the EV ecosystem,” says ATE Executive director Phil Jones.
“We are excited to have all this new board talent with deep and diverse experiences across the fields of
clean energy, EV charging infrastructure, as well as other types of energy and utility infrastructure. Louis
has done a superb job of developing charging stations in Quebec and across the Canadian provinces, and
now is pushing into the 50 States as symbolized by its recent new factory in Michigan. Hank has worked
in several key areas within the broad portfolio of the Southern Company, including renewable energy
generation and low-carbon infrastructure, and will bring that enthusiasm to EV market development.
Meanwhile, Lon’s experiences in the field of utility regulation and energy over the past decade have
resulted in his recognition as one of the industry’s leading strategist on customer solutions and rate
design. Under his guidance, Lon’s team leads the creation of innovative EV and other distributed energy
programs across the six states in which Duke Energy operates.”

In other news:

  • In an important new white paper, the Alliance details options in rate design for commercial and industrial rates, specifically for demand charges and potential alternatives for EV service providers that will provide transitional relief to station owners and allow the market to develop from this early stage.
  • The Alliance’s new Interconnection Task Force coordinates utilities and other members to address the challenges posed by internal utility processes, permitting and easements, speeding the siting and use of charging stations. The task force is led by Southern California Edison’s Melodee Black and General Motors’ Kathy Knoop.
  • The Alliance’s Education and Outreach Task Force is shifting its focus towards best practices for utilities, for vehicle fleets, and for companies working with electric buses. It is co-chaired by Katherine Stainken of the Electrification Coalition and Joel Levin of Plug-in America, both affiliated organizations of ATE.
  • The Alliance continues to develop comments, working with the Joint Office, federal and state agencies on rules and guidelines for the $7.5 billion appropriated over five years to build out EV charging infrastructure across the country.