Steering EV Policy in the States

We are North America’s largest electric vehicle industry coalition, aligning policies where they matter most: across state and provincial governments.

Policy Commitee Work

The Policy Committee tracks activities at state commissions and agencies, as well as at local governments and regional bodies.

The committee’s purpose is to share information with ATE members on program, tariff and rate design; on stakeholder processes such as rulemakings and workshops; and to generally improve our understanding of best practices. For example, when a state commission rejects a use case in a filing, the committee tries to ascertain why and to suggest improvements (while remaining keenly aware of differing state laws and of the need to back all claims with evidence before a commission).


Technical Committee

The purpose of ATE’s Technical Committee is to be a resource for members to learn about and share experiences with various technical aspects of EV charging, in particular those aspects that relate to open standards and interoperability. Open standards and interoperability are two of ATE’s core principles because they provide a platform for competition and innovation, which in turn benefit our members and customers.

As the EV charging industry evolves and matures, ATE’s Technical Committee will provide a forum that supports our members, identifying key issues for advocacy, and spreading best practices. The Technical Committee meets monthly, and our agendas typically include recent developments, periodic updates, and speakers who are discussing a recent deployment and sometimes market participants.

Our Members

Alliance members come from a wide variety of backgrounds in the utility, automotive and infrastructure industries, as well as from non-governmental organizations promoting electric vehicles.