In EV policy, we do the hard work

Founded in late 2017, the Alliance is a nonprofit trade association uniting a broad coalition of utilities, manufacturers, electric vehicle supply equipment vendors, engineering firms and others to promote electric vehicles in state-level policy across North America. Our original roster of 20 members has grown to 55 in 2021.

As believers in the public benefits of electric transportation, our core mission is to educate and advocate, speeding the adoption of electric vehicles.

We work to accelerate deployment of electrical vehicle infrastructure, especially the creation of a convenient, continental charging station network.

We enhance innovation in distribution grid technologies and in more efficient transportation, thereby spurring economic development and job creation.

To reduce traffic congestion, we facilitate the adoption of autonomous, connected, and shared driving for light-duty vehicles.

To optimize grid infrastructure, we encourage mechanisms such as “smart or managed charging” through technology and time-of-use or time-varying electricity rates through price signals.

We are inclusive, inviting a very wide range of stakeholders to the table, because experience teaches us that collective action is very necessary in this policy realm. Members share information widely to establish and refine best practices, and to educate policy makers. We also bring an international perspective gleaned from careful study of trends abroad, such as the rapid pace of EV adoption in much of Europe and East Asia.

In every respect, the Alliance works to be North America’s most complete informational resource for companies and governments involved in EV policy through the states and provinces.

Our priorities:

More EV infrastructure

More charging stations, in more places, with more power to deliver faster charging, and more ways for users to pay. Infrastructure is more than wires and chargers; it’s the whole ecosystem of EV hardware, software, financial networks and data systems that will define transportation in the near future.

A strong utility role

Utilities not only face new challenges as electric vehicle chargers draw more power at more times of day. They also confront disruptive new technologies such as vehicle-to-grid charging systems that accelerate the move to the interactive smart grid, ready or not. Add utilities’ deep understanding of state and provincial regulators, and it’s easy to see why utilities must be at the heart of decisions.

A “big tent” for all industry stakeholders

As political agnostics serving diverse interests, we welcome all. The climate crisis motivates many of us, as transportation is America’s toughest climate challenge. Others among us simply want to keep up with market opportunities.

Open standards and architectures

Keeping EV standards aligned is no easy task, but we are experts at coordinating utility commissions and other agencies, along with the unique needs and standards of the EV industry’s many players.