Mission Statement

The Alliance for Transportation Electrification is a broad and diverse coalition of organizations that advocates for an acceleration of transportation electrification in all States across the country. The Alliance believes that a multi-stakeholder coalition educating and promoting the benefits of transportation electrification is necessary and will benefit the public welfare in the States for several reasons. 

First, together we need to accelerate the deployment of this vital electrical vehicle (EV) infrastructure to meet the market needs of a large number of of new EVs and all-electric buses over the next 3-5 years. While internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles will certainly play a vital role in our transportation fleet, most industry experts forecast a rapid growth in EVs, and the recent announcements of many new vehicle introductions are forcing even recent market projections upwards.  

Second, the Alliance will strive to create a policy and regulatory framework that allows for utility ownership or facilitation of EV infrastructure deployment, subject to the rules and conditions of a state Public Utility Commission, while at the same time encouraging innovation and efficiency in the distribution grid. 

Finally, the Alliance will focus its efforts on promoting interoperability in the EV ecosystem on both the front end of the charging infrastructure, and on the network management systems operating in the background. Ensuring that open standards are adopted in utility and other procurement processes will be vital to ensuring that the EV owner experiences as little friction as possible and can roam easily among networks. 

The Alliance brings together electric utilities (regulated by the State PUCs), auto manufacturers, bus manufacturers who supply public transit agencies, EV Supply Equipment (EVSE) companies, and various other committed organizations. It focuses its efforts on State Commissions, Governor’s Offices, and other key decision-makers at the state and local government levels who have authority over today’s transportation electrification policies as well as transportation planning for the future. The Alliance believes that real progress and advancements will occur mostly at the state and local government levels in multiple jurisdictions across the country, rather than the federal government level. 

Due to its unique breadth and experience in this field, the Alliance believes it can be effective in executing its mission in some of the following ways. Fundamentally, Members believe that a collaborative approach of all stakeholders is the fairest and most efficient way to achieve the principles and goals of all concerned. Instead of focusing on the narrow interests of a company or group of companies, the Alliance will instead focus its efforts on the collective interests of accelerating the movement toward transportation electrification. Secondly, since this is still a nascent industry and emerging technology, the State-level regulators and policymakers have yet to address these issues at scale and incorporate them into a fair and just regulatory and policy paradigm. The Alliance help to educate the regulators and policymakers about the nature of these technologies and set forth ways in which these two previously separate industries – namely transportation and electricity/energy – can be integrated fairly and efficiently.