Alex Keros - General Motors


Lead Architect – EV Charging

The transportation industry is moving at a rapid pace with the rise of car-sharing, ridehailing services and a larger focus towards electric vehicles. As the landscape continues to change, Alex Keros, Lead Architect – EV Charging, is helping General Motors improve the electric vehicle consumer experience. In his role, he identifies and facilitates partnerships with key stakeholders such as EV charging companies, utility companies, policymakers and others to find the best solutions. Having joined the team after his role as Smart Cities Chief at Maven, Alex has extensive experience bringing together various stakeholders to create mobility solutions. 

Alex is excited to be on the forefront of creating and finding economical and safe solutions that drive General Motors towards its vision of an all-electric, emissions free future. His “get-it-done, step-by-step” approach allows him to see simple, incremental solutions building into sustainable infrastructure for new mobility experiences.

Alex joined GM in 2007 and has worked across various teams to create frameworks around new innovative eco-friendly products – Chevy Bolt and GM’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Equinox – so that consumers will have the best experience, including while charging. His unique skill in balancing energy policy, environmental engineering and business strategy has given him an innovative toolbox to tap into to electrify mobility. He also has been appointed and served as the Commissioner in Massachusetts’ Zero Emission Vehicle Commission and for the Maryland Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Council.

Alex began his career in environmental consulting where he managed the assessment and remediation of hazardous waste sites for Fortune 500 companies. He has extensive experience in environmental policy design and implementation. He is passionate about electric vehicles in his personal life as well and drives a Chevy Bolt. On the weekends, he lists his car on General Motors’ car-sharing platform, Maven, so others can experience what a great car EVs are to drive. One of the things he loves about driving an EV is how simple it is to charge and gives him back the time to spend with his family that otherwise be spent at the gas station.

Alex also grew up learning the ropes in his family-owned restaurant, the American Coney Island. Founded in 1917, the restaurant is widely recognized as inventing the tradition of Detroit’s chilidog. Alex earned a B.S. in Natural Resource Management and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Michigan.